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Africa exports about 20,000 tons annually. we can provide you from Benin, Nigeria which are the largest producers of soybean in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), followed by South Africa. … However, it is mostly cultivated by small-scale farmers in other parts of Africa where it is planted as a minor food crop among sorghum, maize, or cassava.

Soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) could possibly become a major crop in Africa due to its many uses as a food, feed, and in industry. Also, its ability to undertake symbiotic nitrogen fixation is a great advantage over cereal crops. This study simulated yield potential across west and east Africa. A number of areas were excluded from soybean production because of inadequate early season rains to allow timely sowing of the crop. Among the remaining areas, average yields greater than 200 g m−2 were commonly simulated. Two drought traits were examined as plant modifications to increase yields. These results identified those areas and plant traits in Africa where soybean has the potential to be an important, viable crop.

Our cashew nut boom is remarkable. “The growth is more than impressive. … As the top world exporter of processed cashew, India imports 50% to 60% of raw cashew for processing from Africa and Asia. African countries produce about 45% or 1.2 million tonnes of global cashew nuts annually.

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